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“I learned more during this weekend, than I have learned in my 10+ years on faculty at Emory.  I cannot thank you enough for including me!  The weekend changed my whole outlook on life!”

Maria Aaron, M.D.
Program Director
Emory University

In the Spring, prior to the inception of each academic year, CareerPhysician gathers the top Chief Residents and Senior Fellows in a specialty from around the U.S. for a weekend leadership "boot camp." These students will be assuming a leadership role in their programs in July and represent the best that their specialty has to offer. Most attendees go on to be key opinion leaders in their specialty and community. Students must be nominated by their program directors and must possess the desire and potential to be a leader in their field.


CPChiefs Leadership Forum

CPChiefs Leadership Forum Leadership Challenge

Casey Hotchkiss,
Sep 8, 2010, 12:39 PM