“I have seen many presentations and presenters in my day and when Wesley Millican speaks our residents listen. Wes knows his stuff and is passionate about his subjects and his subject matter. Residents trust Wes because he speaks their language and he knows firsthand the types of issues that young physicians will face in their practices.He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and delivers his message with wit and enthusiasm.”

Andrew G. Lee, M.D.


The Methodist Hospital

With CPAdvisor, Program Directors can now offer their Senior Residents and Fellows a one-on-one career service that will ensure their preparedness and enhance their professional and economic outcomes related to their transition from training, into academic or private practice. CPAdvisor will challenge existing perceptions and place each Resident or Fellow on a proactive and informed path for making key career decisions.

CPAdvisor offerings will be tailored to each resident and fellow and may include but not be limited to:

Career Plan Development

Personality Assessment

Practice Opportunity Evaluation

Employment Agreement Review

Negotiation & Mediation Services

Job Goal Setting, Strategy & Support

Personal Financial Planning

Geographic Market Networking Strategies

Casey Hotchkiss,
Aug 18, 2010, 12:05 PM